Training and Support

We beleive in training.  We beleive that if your staff are trained correctly, you will be more effective and efficient, saving you time and money, and of course, they will be safer to carry out the daily cleaning routine.  But it goes further than this; our training gives your cleaners the confidence to do their jobs with pride.  

We train on the safe use of cleaning chemicals; getting the right dilutions, the dangers of mixing chemicals and the importance of colour coding, all essential to the safety and wellbeing of your staff and the sorrounding environment.

On-Line Training

Available free to everyone you has a website log in, simply go to the My Account Tab, and there will be a link to the New COSHH training facility.  Fast, free and   

  • Train your staff as and when it is convienient
  • 20 Minute training session followed by a 15 mark multiple choice test.
  • Certificates available to be sent in the post.

To take advantage of this fantastic facility, fill out the account form to create a web log-in today!

On-Site Training and Support

We offer free on-site training and support for our customers.  This includes:

  • Product training - Showing you how to use our products and equipment correctly to ensure you have the confidence to carry out all your cleaning tasks.
  • COSHH Training - Ensure you are using the products safely, to protect your staff and those around you.
  • Manual Handling Training - Staying within the bounds of the law  

Training Support Material

As well as offering training, we can supply a range of bespoke training support litature:

  • Colour Code Charts
  • Dosing Charts
  • Coshh Posters

Please contact us to request your charts.

Our training solutions are not a one-size-fits-all approach, we take care to ensure that your staff are trained for the environments you are working in.

This training can either be carried at your premesis, or at our training facility.  

Please contact us for further details.