The Windmill Story

The Windmill Solutions Range of Chemicals is a comprehensive range to make your cleaning easy.  

Why Choose Windmill?

Because it Makes Cleaning Easy

To work properly chemicals have to be easy to use.  That's why the dilution rates are clearly printed in pictograms on the front of the label. 

Because Training and Support is Paramount 

For products to work well, the support has to be second to none.  We spend a lot of time with you to make sure you and your team are equipt with the knowledge to use the products to maximum productivity.

Because Chemicals Work Best When Diluted Correctly

We translated our 30 years of experience onto the product labelling, and into our dosing charts.  Do you have a problem where you are using more chemical than you should?  Then we have the answers - put the dosing on the front of the labels and on dosing charts on the wall and you will solve the problem!  Proven by our ever growing portfolio of truly satisfied customers.

Because You Can Get All The Cleaning Chemicals You Need

Only the best will do, our stringent quality standards only allow the best products to be included in the range.  We are constantly scouring the market to add improved formulations and innovative new products.

Becauase The Environment is Cared For

Our supply chain is carefully monitored, and we use suppliers who exceed the requirements for environmental control from energy conservartion, to recycling to waste minimalisation, to meeting new regulations before they become enforced.